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I didn't win the first time, but the promo was so successful at rehoming animals that they are doing it again! Please help me win a vet voucher by clicking the link below. That's it! Just click the link! And even better if you share and ask your friends to help me, too! Thank you!
PLEASE CLICK ► http://www.rescueme.org/?GB30C7 ◀ to help
me win free Vet Care. View thousands of purebred dogs and cats,
as well as mixes. Over 200 breeds for adoption. PLEASE SHARE.
The person or organization whose new link gets the most visits by Nov. 10 will win a $500 Vet Care Voucher. A second person who just shares this link – regardless of number of visits – will win a $250 Vet Care Voucher. (Visits tracked by IP address. Multiple visits from same IP counted as one visit.)
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