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So I figured now is as good a time as any to introduce my new boys! First let me give you their story, er...what I have of it.

A coworker approached me two weeks ago and said, and I quote, "Do you want to see the saddest thing?" I told her no, but she proceeded to have me go on craigslist where there were two 'free rats' being advertised. The picture was of the two of them in a tiny bird cage with nothing to climb and plastic bird toys. The caption underneath stated, unknown gender or age, and need socialization. Long story short I contacted the person and after some very shady conversations, I picked them up and brought them home! Turned out to be playful, carefree young males!

First there is Cheshire. He is a black and white dumbo. I'm thinking Berkshire but I still haven't really gotten a hang of the styles yet. He is a little baby. He has to be near me at all times unless his brother is occupying him. He will run and explore for a few minutes getting distracted and then as if realizing he's strayed, come charging back and rub his face into my hands. Imagine a cat rubbing against you because it wants attention. He does that lol.

And then there is Renegade. I am not even going to try his color. Its like a champagney, cinnamon, tick, with some dark reddish tan splashed in in some spots. He reminds me of my Hartley when I first got him. Wild and up to no good. I rat proofed my sisters room because that is where they are being quarantined. Well...he got through most of it. I had to Renegade proof the room, two-by-fours and all, and I STILL have to lock eyes on him at all times.


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