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My 2 year old rat had a second tumor removal surgery yesterday. The first was done at the end of March, however, the tumor grew back extremely fast and was getting close to his penis which made me think if it continues to grow it would affect urination.

My rat has lost weight in the past couple of months and has had little myco flare ups and was treated with doxy. During our consult I asked the vet to listen to his lungs to ensure they can take the isoflurane for the surgery.

After surgery we brought our rat home he was wheezing. At 2 am he was mouth breathing and breathing loudly. At this time I dosed him a second time with a combination of antibiotics.

At the moment his mouth breathing has settled but I am sure it is going to come back. I wonder if putting him through surgery brought on pneumonia by triggering it? Can this happen?

If my rat does have pneumonia he will sadly have to be pts when he starts mouth breathing again because I will not allow any pet of mine to suffer this way.
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