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Poop hit the wheel and then went everywhere

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Everyone seems to be getting litter training just great... except Denna, who seems to think that the wheel is a 5th litter box. I had a Silent Spinner originally, but she made poop streaks all around the wheel within a day. I'd have to hose off the wheel everyday. Then I got a new wheel that has 1/4"x1/4" wire mesh (so too small to catch her feet) that's supposed to led poop fall through. However, the original design for the wheel was for sugar gliders; my wheel has a heavier bearing that can take the rats' heavier weights. However, the level that the wheel is on is always covered in poop. At first, I thought maybe someone is leading a rebellion and just doesn't want to poop in that litter box under the wheel... but all the little turds are generally in front of the wheel... I think Denna is still pooping in the wheel and it's all getting flung out onto the main floor of the DFN.

Is there anyway I can make this... stop? Should I move the litter box under the wheel to somewhere else?
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Most rats don't like to use the wheel for anything other than sleeping or pooping, but if she or one of your other girls actually uses it, I suggest taking out the wheel until she's litter trained, then putting it back in when your sure it's not going to be used as a poop slinger aha
She is litter trained everywhere but this spot.
My one rat Jet is the only rat that uses the wheel. And she too craps inside it, grrr.
this Is a nice wheel both of my girls use this mine is blue
The problem with Wodent Wheels is that they are completely solid AND enclosed, so the poop would just stay inside and make a big poop streak.
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