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i was wondering if they are ok for rats. when i had rats on the really hot days like when it got to 100 F i would be running around trying to keep all my animals even the large amount of rats we had cool by changing there water often with fresh cooler water and i would also give them Popsicles and i am hoping they were fine to give they sure loved them.
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I buy popsicles made with real fruit juice. In the begging of summer it got really hot down stairs. We only have central air up stairs. So I gave my rat a popsicle and set up to fans one on either side of his cage. He loves the fans he is all ways laying if from of them letting his whiskers blow in the wind. Sometimes hi will put his tail through the bars and let it sway in the breeze.
He gets mad if you move them so I just leave them up all the time. Even if its not hot. He likes the breeze.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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