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About two weeks ago one of my girls started sneezing quite a bit. I brought her right into the vet and was prescribed some anti-biotic. I've been giving that to her for about two weeks now and there is no sign of improvement.

Around the same time that she got sick, I had adopted two bunnies and use Aspen shavings with them (whereas with the rats i use carefresh).

Could the poor little thing be allergic to either the bunnies or the aspen shavings?
I'm going to clean the rats cage tomorrow when I can get enough CareFresh and put the rest of the Aspen shavings out in the garage, right clear from anywhere she can smell them.

Has anyone ever experienced anything like that? The vet said she couldn't hear any wheezing or anything so I hope that is a good sign. I plan on taking her back this upcoming week.

Thanks in advance.
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