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post lice treatment cleanup

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I was wondering if anyone would offer some advice from experience on what to do after treating with revolution. I just got my boy, Nyx, back from the vet today with a diagnosis of lice. I treated him and my quarantined boy, Templeton (who I got from a different breeder, so he doesnt actually have lice), and washed the bedding, vacuumed the carpet and the cage, and put his toys and cage accessories that cannot be washed in the freezer. What else can I do to ensure the parasites will not come back? I use fleece in a DCN. I also have it on a carpeted floor. What should I wash the fleece with? How often? What can i use to get the nits off of my boy? He's completely covered :( Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. I do have to dose them again in two weeks, but I want to put templeton in at that time.

I feel so bad for Nyx, finding nits on him shortly after separating him from his sister, and he's going to need to be neutered if his boy problem doesn't correct itself. I want to be able to put his new friend in the cage asap before he's traumatized even further, but I don't want to risk Templeton's health.
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