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Many times we are quick to condemn a company for poor customer service and with good reason. It is a rare moment when we get excellent customer service that is worthy to share. I experienced that moment.

I ordered my Double Critter Nation cage last month. It arrived, and I put it together. Quality item. But I noticed that my bottom tray was cracked. It wasn't nonfunctional, but I like to get everything in pristine condition so I can end up breaking it later. I went to the Amazon site and reported that my tray was damaged. It wasn't too longer that I received a response that they are sending a replacement. Great, I thought.

Then it occurred to me that I didn't know if they were sending a replacement tray or a replacement cage. I called Amazon to verify. The rep said that it was a whole new cage, and I could just send the original back. Ack, I explained, it's already put together. Not a problem, he explained. Just swap out the trays.

Well, okay, but it seemed unnecessary for Amazon to ship a 100-pound box to my place only to have me ship the 100-pound box back—all for a plastic tray that weighed only a few pounds. Amazon is not able to break apart a box and send just the component. That makes sense. Amazon is simply a reseller; they aren't in charge of boxing up the equipment, and that would open them up to all sorts of liability issues. Still, why have the company spend so much on shipping for that one piece? There had to be a better way. Amazon gave me the phone number for Midwest Homes for Pets, the manufacturer of the DCN. I then canceled the reship from Amazon.

The Midwest Homes for Pets rep was very friendly. Wish I got her name. She listened to my story and agreed that it was unnecessary to manhandle a heavy box like that only to send it back for that one piece. She arranged to send me a replacement tray free of charge. Furthermore, she did not request me to send her the broken tray, so there was no awkward boxing of the tray. That makes sense from their point of view, I think. The cost it would take to ship the tray back could possibly be higher than the cost to make the tray. And then they'd have a broken tray on their hands. For now I am using the broken tray to put things on top of my cage.

I had read great things about the DCN, and I do not regret my purchase. Well worth the price. And the customer service is good too.
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