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Hah, ok.

I'll jump right in!

About a year ago I had two rats, both hooded, one dunno girlie and one fancy girlie. I bought the first, the fancy known as Gilda, or Gildy, at a pet store. She was not used to being handles by strangers, but didnt mind the woman at the pet shop handling her. She had been separated from her sister for months prior to me and my SO finding her.

We decided to take her home after being coached by the worker to please be patient with her. She was skittish and shy as is expected and she even bit my girlfriend on the finger pretty hard. I realized we would have to socialize her. But first we realized she needed a friend.

That was when we bought the young dumbo, Twitch! She was destined to be a feeder but she was perfect for us, and was much more friendly and curious and really helped to bring Gildy out of her shell. I still had to use gloves and a towel to pick Gilda up and put her through some forced bonding, which included hanging out in my hoody pocket.

Of course we were cautious about introductions, using the bathtub to get them acquainted. They wrestled a little but after about a week, if that, they settled down and got along.

Finally, one day, Gildy was in my pocket for a session of bonding, and she was scrambling really hard. I was afraid something was wrong. I took her out, and she just sat there for a bit and began walking around on my arm. She was calm and curious! Slowly I stopped using the gloves and Gilda was becoming way more confortable with being handled. She was still a little nibbly, but she was breaking out of that too.

Anyway, I was immensely proud of having socialized Gilda, and successfully finding her a partner in crime. Sadly, we ended up having to give them both away to a new home because of conflict with the landlord. Plus, honestly, we weren't ready for them.

But fast forward a year, and months of mourning the loss of our rat buds, to now! We are ready for rats for good this time and way more researched on them and how to make them happy and safe! Im so excited to get ratties, and start the adventure off right.

I do have a few questions but am introducing myself and my brief rat history first. I know I will be on these forums quite often, if only to share the antics of my soon-to-be mischief.

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