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Problem with one of my ratties...

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Betty has recently been acting strangely. She seems very weak and is dragging herself around, barely able to support her weight. She seems dissinterested in food and appears a very underweight with loose skin on her. She has also been bleeding a little at the nose, although she was doing this a few months ago and made a full recovery. She is only about 2 years old and we're very worried about her...

If anyone knows how we can help her please reply!
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take her to the vet.

did the symptoms appear suddenly or did it take time to progress? if it was sudden it could be a PT or a stroke. how long has she been like this? how is her breathing? if the breathing is bad she probably has a respiratory infection and should be treated with antibiotics and perhaps a broncodialator or steriod. but be aggressive in the treatment as she is already 2 years old.
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