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Quarantine Questions

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Pretty sure I already know the proper answer to this, which is do the quarantine, but it never hurts to ask others right? :wink:

So Igor is alone, he has been for about 3 weeks now. His cagemate passed away and Igor doesn't get along with the other 3 rats. (I've tried countless introductions, bathtub, vanilla, food, play, etc, nothing, just fights) He gets all puffy and looking like a static cling rat, then turns sideways and makes his body as flat as he can, I swear he whips his tail like an iguana.. (haha really) then he jumps on the other rat and attacks with great fury!

So anyway, I've got 2 babies lined up for adoption, they will be ready on Sept 5th or 6th and I plan on introducing them to Igor as hopeful cagemates.

Here is the question part: These baby rats are coming from a rattery that is registered with the NRAA (?? I think that's what the acronym is) and will more likely than not be in great health. I've read in numerous places that the best quarantine is the one done OUTSIDE of your home, for at least 3 weeks. Well these babies are coming from a safe clean rattery, would that be considered part quarantine in itself? Does that make sense? Should I STILL quarantine them in my home for 3 weeks before trying to start introductions with Igor? I'd hate to have Igor be alone for much longer. But I'd hate to get anyone sick just the same.
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From what I just learned after my recent quarantine breach, you do need to wait 3 hours, and that would be considered sharing airspace. Apparently, quarantine has to be in a completely separate area - even a garage doesn't count. I'm still not completely sure how effective quarantine even is if you can't keep them as separated as you need to, because I guess everything can be transmitted by air except lice and mites. Maybe I'm still just confused about that though... ^^;;
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