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Questions for Grotto Owners

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Those with a Grotto Questions:
Do your rats seem to spend most to all of their time in one or two
sections? Mine seem to stay upstairs in the top two compartments all
the time. I am like "I made this giant thing for you and you only
use two parts about the size of your old cage???" Grrr! I moved
their water bottle downstairs so they have no choice but to go down
there sometimes. Silly things!

Second question: I have the boys poop trained and somewhat pee
trained to go in their litter boxes, which I fill with a mix of
Yesterday's News and those small animal litter pellets that you get
at Petsmart. Have any of you found ways to completely pee-train your
boys to go in the litter box? I want to preserve the Grotto as long
as possible. (I did cover it all with sticky linoleum tiles, just
want to be extra sure it lasts.)
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i don't have a grotto but those questions apply to any rat.

with only hanging out at the top, that's what rats do. they seem to like high places best. in any cage you will see your rats most often sleeping in the highest corner possible.

with the pee you won't be able to get them to stop peeing completely. they mark their space with their pee afterall. females will do this too.
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