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Quick quarantine questions

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Ok we adopted two rats this past saturday and have them in a seperate room. I know you are supposed to change cloths and wash when you handle them. To what extent should one wash and change when dealing with either rats.

If I go and feed one rat some treats should I change all my clothes before I head into give treats to the other rats? Or should I change and what not even if I just go into the same room?

What my wife and I have been doing is keeping buddy (behind the couch in the living room) in his cage. Later in the evening we will go and spend some out of cage time with Jimi and Freddy. After that we usually shower and then go back into the living room and let buddy out of his cage and let him run around for a while.

Is this adequite or no?

And I was reading another thread about sendai or SDA and was given a link. In there it showed a picture of a rat with one of the two and one swollen eye. It looked similar to Buddies eyes and I am a little worried. Granted they dont always look like that. Here are a couple of pictues and the first one he has the weird eyes, but I havent really noticed his eyes being like this all the time.

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his eyes look fine there just the way the camera caught them I have seen that happen in pictures alot. Is it getting worse? Is there any neck swelling? You can have the tests done though i hear they are quite expensive.

You are doing a great job on quarantine as far as I am concerned but you shoud definitely wash your hands and change your clothes every time you enter or exit that room or handle one rat or the other. Are you keeping the door shut between the rooms??

If you suspect it is SDA or Sendai I would wait until every symptom is gone and then quarantine for another three weeks.
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