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As I mentioned before I have 2 ratties currently..
But before I got the 2 rats that i have now i had another rat..
Her name was Zena :) she was a baby female fancy rat that i purchased from petsmart. She was my first rattie :)
I made the beginner's mistake of only getting one rat. On the ride home from petsmart i noticed that zena was sneezing a lot.. she would have fits of sneezing about 10 times in a row. I had done research before getting my rat and i knew that this was abnormal.. but i had never had a rat before and i assumed that it was just the smell of a new environment. This continued for a few days after i got her.. eventually the sneezing subsided and i assumed that she had adjusted to her new home.
About 3 days after i got Zena i noticed that she would climb up to the top of her cage and sit on a little hiding hut (a little wooden house thing that came with the cage) and hang her head over the edge of the hut and make weird noises.. i just assumed that she was playing or behaving like a normal rat would..
5 days after i got her i woke up and noticed that she hadnt ate/drank anything that night.. i observed her closely that rest of the day. At about 5:00 pm she still hadnt eaten anything and she seemed lethargic, her abdominal muscles were expanding/constricting with each breath she took.. It was a Sunday and all that vets were closed so we ended up taking her to the emergency vet (which is about an hour away from my house).
When we got there they immediately put her on oxygen. By the time the vet had told us that Zena had pneumonia, we were trying to figure out what to do (the vet wanted to keep her overnight and give her baytril and electrolyte/nutrirional fluids.. the cost was going to be about $450. I'm not a heartless person and i would have paid the money in a heartbeat for my little baby.. but i didnt have the money :( i asked the nurse to total up what the cost would be if Zena didnt stay overnight and it was much more affordable) while we were filling out papers the vet ran into the room and told us that Zena had stopped breathing :(
I was so upset.
My little baby didnt make it :(
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