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So. One night, I heard a startled squeak and became alarmed. I got up to check on the boys. I had earplugs in and it was dark with only some light showing through the curtains. You see.. The boys really liked to perch on the lava ledges on the cage doors and get into their best, most dramatic starfish positions. At some point poor Worm had to of fallen off and when I went to lay down I caught a climpse of him on the floor. 'How did you get out?!!'
Anyway, I went to pick him up from above (big mistake and it hadn't been long since I brought them all home). He SCREAMED and screamed and I never even knew rats could reach that volume. It was horrific!!! I hurriedly placed him back into the cage with my heart pounding. I wished I could somehow explain to them that it was a mistake. Everyone was so afraid of me for a month and I placed a big peice of cardboard in front of the bottom level of their double CN.
It seemed to help them feel secure and slowly but surely they went back to shyly saying hello to me.

The other day Worm got so excited to see me he actually hopped up on the bars like a jumping spider and starfished at me again!! I'm so proud of him!!! He's actually become the least shy rat of all four of them now. Maybe it's because I get his favorite foods. When I look at him I sense no tension and he doesn't normally stretch close to the ground when he sniffs me anymore.
He loves cilantro and hornworms with alarming levels of voracity. I have to watch my fingers especially when offering those. He likes to dash his hands across the water bowl like a boxer and sip from them. He's hairless, but has black fuzz and a dark tail vs his brother who is much lighter with lighter red eyes as well. I don't deserve such a good boy but it means so much to me that he still loves me too.
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Wormy 馃А Such a flattering expression.
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My favorite picture of Reno and Cloud. "-o- ??"
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