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Some people on here ask about ramps so....ENJOY!!!!

Ramps, etc.

1. Home-made ramps
Go to the hardware store and buy the necessary length in 4-6" wide balsa wood. The balsa is very light and can be cut with a knife so its easy to work with. While you're there, also get a couple of lengths of half dowels and some hobby glue and/or small tacks. Cut the half dowels to the exact width of the balsa (4-6") and attach them across the balsa at ~2" intervals. These provide the "grips" on the ramp, like rungs on a ladder. You can attach them using a safe hobby glue or small tacks. A simple alternative to the dowel is to save your paddle pop sticks... these make great ramp grips too. Put some screw-in hooks at the top for attachment to shelves.
If you want something colourful, soak the wood in some bright food coloring solution. It's not permanent, but lasts many washings and is non-toxic. Or, you might want to coat the balsa ramp with colourful stick-on plastic contact sheeting to pee proof it.

2. Wooden parrot ladders
These are pretty cheap (especially if you buy the really long ones and cut them into several pieces), good to chew on and colourful.

3. Fabric climbs.
Cut the necessary rectangular length of tough fabric (like denim). Attach eyelets to the four corners (you can buy hammer-in ones from sewing shops). Then, using hooks, attach one end to the shelf and the other end to the floor or another shelf, so it is stretched tight. A length of old carpet would also work well.

4. Large knotted climbing rope.
You can make these out of strips of old T-shirts, twisted together thickly and then plaited. Ratlets especially love climbing these.
The Dapper Rat has colourful Ratty Ropes available for purchase.

5. Step down.
That is, place a few boxes, a hammock, a rock, etc. nearby so that the rats can jump down from shelf to box to rock to floor.

6. Tube slide.
Get creative with some PVC piping segments. You can angle it so that it runs from the shelf to the floor, even include a few twists and turns.

7. A tree branch.
These make great climbing frames for rats, and if positioned correctly can be used as a ramp between cage levels (as shown in the Lower Grotto here). It's also handy for keeping those sharp ratty claws down and providing exercise. Attach the branch securely in the cage with a screw, hook, bolt, cable ties, etc. And be sure to only use branches that are non-toxic to rats (most eucalypts are OK).

8. The sock tunnel.
Get an old large sports sock. Cut the toe off so that it forms a tube. Using some hooks or ties, attach one end to the shelf. Your rats can climb down inside the tube to reach the floor.

9. Vertical climb
Convert their existing wire ramp into a vertical climb. This will add more interest and exercise.

10. Down your pants.
Use some small kid sized tracksuit pants (look in your local thrift shop). These make excellent pre designed double tunnels for rats. Simply attach the waist band to the shelf and let the rats climb down the legs. (Again, I prefer to use eyelets and hooks, so that it's easy to remove them for washing). This can get even more interesting if you attach one of the legs to another shelf, as the leg can form quite a nice cosy loft for snoozing rats.

These are once again from the dapper rat site and its creator Robyn!
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