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here's the story:

i gave mozart and picasso a raspberry each in the morning. i played with them later on in the day and mozart had two patches of bright pink on her tail (too pink to be blood, which is why i was looking). i figured this came from her scarfing her raspberry while curled up in the nestball (i'm sure it's filthy in there by now, i'm making a new one on that note, lol). well, i was playing with them later in the afternoon and mozart sat down to groom her butt. she reached around and laid down two long lines of wetness on her butt right above each haunch so she had a V on her back down to her tail. i was surprised so i picked her up and sniffed her and she smelled so ridiculously sweet! like strawberries or cherries or, could it be? raspberries?

so, basically, i was wondering a) do you think the pink on her tail came from raspberries? b) why did she lay down a V of spit on her own back? c) do you think that it was sweet-smelling because of the raspberries? i gave them a raspberry each a few days later and didn't notice mozart do it again, but i was so excited that my ratty smelled so wonderful, lol.
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