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OK Sorry for the awful pictures but I don't have a better camera right now.
I'm just wondering what colors/ markings my boys have. I'm fairly certain Mr.Burrowsworth is an Agouti Veriberk, but I'm not sure about Tumbleton, I can't find a picture of a rat that is the same color as he is, and I can't tell if he's Hooded or Variegated.

Mammal Rat Rodent Hamster Muridae Mammal Vertebrate Rat Mouse Hamster
Tail Rat Muridae Mouse Muroidea Tail
Here's Tumbleton in the sun, he has a lot of little white hairs mixed in the dark grey color. Ignore my ugly pjs and the toy xylophone.
Hair Tail
I don't normally make them stand on top of the cage but if I put them on the floor they dart around and I can't take pictures of them. :I
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