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After many sources researched, and many reccomendations we were finally able to locate and purchase a bag of Oxbow regal rat food about a week ago, but the only kind they had was the adult kind so we're having to add other foods to offset the lower protein. Is this okay? Our babies are 6-8 weeks old.

Every night we give our babies 1/4 cup OxBow and some block/Pellet food as well (3 each). I'd love to see them more eager to eat the Oxbow and Pellet Food. I mean, they nibble the pellets but my two aren't fond of Oxbow and often leave it. My daughter's little girls love Oxbow.

We also feed a little home made mix we give each day. we put a couple tablespoons of it in a bowl. It has cheerios, great grains cereal, some rice chex, dried blueberries, raisins, whole wheat uncooked rotini pasta, wheat midlings, rainbow o's, sunflower seeds and a pinch of millet/rolled oats/seeds. I'd love to add some uncooked brown rice and uncooked pearled barley to the homemade mix but I'm confused if those can be fed uncooked, some say yes, some say no. What are your thoughts there?

The sunflower seeds, rolled oats, wheat midlings, millet and seeds etc were from a bag of rat/mice food we bought at petsmart. We sorted through it and picked out all dried corn, alfalfa pellets and excessive amounts of seeds. I read that they don't digest alfalfa well, and that the dried corn can have toxic molds and we don't want our babies eating dangerous unhealthy things.

My biggest worry is if we're over feeding them. They aren't fat they're all in good weight and are active and have shiny coats.

We have two to a cage and each cage gets the following amounts over 24 hrs: about 3 tblsp home made mix,**1/4 cup Oxbow which mine aren't eating well, and 6 pellets which sometimes they nibble for a couple days. I'm open to any advice or criticism on their diet as we're new rattie owners. Its very very overwhelming at first to figure out the best mixes :/
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