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what are some good ideas for making your own food for your rats.(and easy, i dont wanna have to go to 20 different stores to make their food). right now im feeding them just the normal rat food you find in the store(i know its not good for them). thanks

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If you're looking for something pre-made that's got complete nutrition, I'd suggest going with a lab block, not a mix. Something like Harlan Teklad. HT is available from many rescues online in small quantities (HT itself sells in 33lb bags.) Kim's Ark, the Rat Shop, etc, all sell it online. Then you could give fresh snacks out of your people food, like veggies and the like. Many of the mixes out there are somewhat perishable, so I'm not sure if they're sold online or not. :?

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If you are looking for a list of good cereals to make a mix from, here are some Igeneralities. Anything 'healthy' with low sugar and sodium is good. Kashi is a great brand, and almost everything they offer is suitable.

- puffed rice
- puffed wheat
- cherios
- brain flakes
- total
- rolled oats
- whole wheat or whole grain uncooked pasta

Here is what my last mix had in:
- 1.5 boxes [10.75] Kashi & Whole Grain Puffs Cereal (Red winter wheat, long grain brown rice, oats, barley, triticale, rye, buckwheat, & sesame seeds)
- 1 box [12oz] Total Cereal
- 1/2 box [6.5oz] Pesident's Choice Organic Ancient Grains Whole Grain Cereal (kamut flour, wheat bran, honey, whole oat flour, whole spelt flour, whole wheat flour, millet, barley flour, quinoa, barley malt extract, & sea salt)
- 1/2 bag [8oz] Racconto 100% Whole Wheat Rotini
- 1 bag [16oz] Racconito 8 Whole Grain Rotini Sprigs (Wheat, Rye, Buckwheat, Kamut, Spelt, Millet, Barley, & Brown Rice)
- 8oz dried and diced fruits (banana chips, raisins, pineapple, mango, cranberries, & cherries)
- 1/4lb dry roasted soy nuts
- 1/2lb roasted pepita seeds (shelled and roasted pumpkin seeds)

For complete information about this kind of diet, look here.
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