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What lab block and/or mix do you recommend or feed your rat?
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Regal Rat is formulated with awesome ingredients.... but I tried feeding it and my rats all lost weight and had poor coats. For whatever reason, I don't know. I was expecting to have healthier rats and I ended up with unhealthier ones when I was feeding 100% Regal Rat. After three months I gave up and threw it out (like $50 of food, ouch!) and switched back to my normal 20% protein lab block and within weeks they were doing awesome again.

There are some people who have had success with Regal Rat, but there are more who seem to have had problems with it? Another girl I know who also bought it with me from our vet... her rats wouldn't even eat the stuff.
JennieLove said:
Is the kims ark rescue a good place? $1 per pound isnt a bad price! Not sure about the shipping though, im going to have to email them for an invoice.
Kims Ark Rescue is a GREAT rescue to support. They help place tons of rats. I believe shipping is a flat rate of $8 or $9 anywhere within the USA with them!

If I was in the USA I'd order from them in a heartbeat. Unfortunately shipping to Canada is ridiculously expensive.
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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