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Hello everyone. For about two years I have been a mother of three rats. Billy, schlat and toby. (Schlat and billy being around 2 years while Toby is around one year) schlat has always had respritory issues but always was treated. sadly he recently passed unexpectedly in his sleep. my two remaining rats billy and Toby were doing good at the first week. Today though, (August 13th, schlat passed August second) they have seem to have gotten respritory infections. They've never had respritory issues before. can this be caused by the grief? I've been giving them love, free roam. Time and attention we are all still devastated. After the costs of cremating schlat we cannot afford a vet cost let alone for two rats. I do have fish moxy which I heard has helped before and did work for schlat. Would that be my safest bet given I cannot afford a vet right now. Or does anyone have tips, advice things I can do? I love my babies so much. I don't want to lose my last ones.
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