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Rat is missing a tooth (I think)

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Hey all again,

Like I said, it has not been a good day for my rats.

I noticed that one of my rats always drinks water upside down (Her name is Jordan). Today as I watched her do this out of curiosity, I noticed it appears that she is either missing a tooth or has a tooth that has broken really small.

I also notice some kind of yellowish something on the top of her mouth, but it is not possible for me to check because she will not let me touch her (She never has). She squeaks like crazy, as always. I originally thought that she just hated to be touched, but now I wonder if there is something more wrong with her. She seems to be eating normally and everything.

I think a vet trip is unavoidable here. However, if I'm not able to make it to the vet tomorrow (They are only open from 8-noon, but I'm hoping they aren't full), is there anything I should do to make sure she's comfortable until I can get her to a vet? Are rats ok with one tooth?
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I'm no expert by any means but I'm fairly sure that yellow/orangish/reddish teeth are normal as a by product of the..... stuff (it escapes my mind!) they produce. I think I remember reading somewhere that they SHOULDN'T have white teeth really. Maybe someone else that knows can clear that up.

Edit: Porphyrin is the word I was thinking of.
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