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Rat Nutrional Requirements

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Hi ^^

I've been noticing the Rats nutritional requirements tables online are too different from each other... Can I trust one of them???





Also, they always refer to lab rats, not pet rats... does it matter?

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With a little research, you'll notice that "nutritional requirements" for humans varies from source to source just like this. All of these sources miss one crucial detail.

Every rat is different, and every rat has different needs. Herein lies the problem in trying to produce a 100% complete diet, AKA a lab block.

Rat diets are ideally customized to your own rats. Do you have senior rats? Lower the protein count and increase healthy fats. Juveniles? More protein! So on and so forth.

This is where a healthy mixed food (not seed mixes from the pet store) and fresh produce comes into play.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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