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Rat Pack Lady again

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Ok - post number 2.....

About me? Ok...well...I grew up as a military brat. My dad was in the Army veterinary core. That being the case I always had a strong pull towards animals. (genetic?) I think I understand animals more than I do people. Rats came into my life when I was a teenager and - tired of my parents saying NO everytime I asked if I could get another pet - I got a pet rat without asking. They were not pleased....especially when we woke up and this rat had 12 babies. Evidently the pet store I went to was not good about keeping their sexes separated and I didn't know any better at the time. Also knowing what I know now I will never get a pet store rat again.
Fast forward about 15 years and I came home with two new rats to a very surprised husband. I didn't ask him either. oops! :) Ruby and Lucy were wonderful rats but sadly did not live long. Lucy escaped one day and met her demise when my scottish terrier found her. It was heart breaking. Ruby passed of a brain tumor about a year later. Since their passing I have adopted 10 rats - all female so I call it the convent. :) They are all unique and amazing and wonderful teachers to my students who love them to pieces! They live a very spoiled life! :)
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