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Hey everyone!

It's nearing the time for my new little ratties to leave their momma and go to loving homes. I have successfully adopted three of them, and I am keeping five that leaves 7 ratties left that need homes. I'm still waiting to see if anymore are adopted but the one's who aren't are going to a rat rescue in Rochester, NY.

Ratzo Rescue

The link above will take you to the rat rescue website. After talking with Holly (the woman who runs the rescue) it became obvious that she was a responsible, knowledgable, and loving person, so I was disheartened to hear that she might have to shut down her rescue due to lack of donations!

Holly is a licensed wildlife rehabilitator, and she has rescued many different types of animals in addition to rats. She is currently caring for a wild seagull! If you have/know of any animals that need to be rescued then you can contact her via the information on her website, and any donations would greatly help her cause!

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