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Hope this is okay to post here. :D

A wonderful woman is doing a fund raiser and donating $4 from each order to Rattie Love Rescue. Thought maybe somebody might be interested. :) I'll tell you, we got a few cookies and WOW! I am NOT a cookie person, but they sure are good. I'll cut and paste her own post elsewhere. :)

"You can contact me at [email protected] [put "Rat Cookies" as the subject!], and if you want to buy a pack (or more!), you can Paypal me under that account. Each pack is $10 for 24, but if you want to include more, mention it and I'll pass the rest on as a donation to the rescue. The cookies are wrapped in tissue paper and placed in a holiday cellophane bag with a note stating that they are benefiting the rescue (please let me know if you do not want a Christmas bag).

At this time, I am able to take requests, so if you want a particular rattie color, just let me know. I have blue, white, and mocha sugar crystals (I was told that you really can't tell about the mocha taste) and chocolate sprinkles so can make selfs, hoodies, and capped of those. I have black, but stopped using it after noticing my boyfriend's 4 yr old had obviously snagged some rat cookies-- let's just say, something you wouldn't want to eat before a party or anything, but willing to take requests for that special rattie if you want. Also can make hairless with pink sugar crystals.

Ingredients are butter, sugar, eggs, flour, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt. I haven't started my holiday baking yet (well, not totally true-- the bf ate the tin of non-rattie butter cookies, which he had requested me to make for the neighbors....now he's getting rattie rejects), so there are no nuts being used in the kitchen yet."

The $10 includes shipping in the US!!

Here's a pic I took of a few we had... Yum!

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