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I left my two rats with a neighbor when I went on a trip last week, and when I picked them up, her tail had a ring like tear approx. 2 inches from the tip of her tail. It was healing well, scabbed, not infected, no dead tissue tip. She didn't seem to be in pain, so I didn't do anything.
A few days later they were both running on their wheel, and her cagemate stepped on the end of her tail, catching it and reopening the scab. It bled a lot. She was shrieking in pain, so I separated my rats for the night to prevent further issues. The next morning I took her to the vet and was prescribed antibiotics. He also advised to keep my rats separate during the healing process. I divided their tall cage, giving one the top, the other the bottom so that they could still see and smell one another.
Last night her tail looked great. But today, she was slower to come out of her house, and when she did, I noticedthat her tail was drooping a lot on the end. It still felt warm and was regularly colored. Other than being slower to come out, she seemed fine, jumping around her cage, eyes bright and inquisitive, and no squeaks of pain. However, when I took her out to hold her, I saw that her tail looked to have nearly come off. It seemed like it was hanging just from a piece of skin, but you are only able to see it that way from certain angles. What should I do? I don't think the end is dead- at least not yet. There's no blood anywhere, but it seems to me like she has been chewing her tail off. Is this a sign of depression or mental illness? I let my rats have supervised play time in my room so that they don't get sad about being alone, but is this not enough? I don't want her to be reinjured play fighting with her cagemate.
Although I love her loads, I'm not too excited about going back to the vet, especially if there are possible surgery costs involved. She was only a $15 rat after all... Is this the only option at this point? I'm really worried about her, I don't want her to suffer or die at her young age. I think she's only about 10 months old. Any advice? It would greatly be appreciated- sorry, I know this is the say hello forum, but I just joined and I feel like this is important to ask.
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