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Rat teeth breaking away

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My rat is just about 3 years old. She’s noticeably old but she still eat, drinks and moves around just fine. About a week ago I noticed one of her upper tooth’s turned white and over about 3 days it chipped down until it was completely gone. Today I noticed she completely lost one of her bottom tooth as well. She doesn’t seem to be in any pain and still wants to eat. Her two remaining teeth are still healthy looking/yellow orangeish but they do seem seem what longer I think. I’ve bought some fruits and vegetable that are high in calcium to give her a little boost but her teeth aren’t showing any signs of growing back. Is it worth taking her to a vet? Is there really anything they can do for her at this point? Any food recommendations to help her out?
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I think a vet visit to have her teeth checked out is a good idea. With 2 missing she might not be able to grind the remaining ones down properly and if they get too long it will cause problems with eating. They can also poke into soft tissue in the mouth and cause wounds and infections if they're too long. Congrats on having a three year old! So cool that she's lived so long!
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Did you find out if her teeth had developed a misalignment? Hope she's OK.
It's concerning to see your rat experiencing tooth loss, as it can impact their ability to eat and maintain proper nutrition. While it's difficult to provide a definitive diagnosis without a veterinary examination, it is generally recommended to consult a veterinarian in this situation. A vet can assess your rat's oral health, provide appropriate treatment if necessary, and offer advice on proper nutrition and care. In the meantime, continue providing fruits and vegetables high in calcium, as you've been doing. Additionally, consider offering soft foods or a pellet diet that can be easily consumed. A vet's expertise will be invaluable in determining the best course of action for your rat's dental health.
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