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my little noodles just started to vomit and gag, and now shes twisting her hind legs and walking funny, really slow, low and around the cage. shes not old, not even 6 months.

what should i do??? help !
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The rat didn't regurgitate the food from its stomach but from where it was stuck to cause the choking.

Choking is a frightening thing to witness, but 95% of the time the rat works it out themselves. Because they are unable to vomit they do everything else in their power to remove the obstruction, excessive drooling, open mouth gasping with clicks, etc...you should just leave them alone to do it themselves but keep an eye on them. IF a rat stops breathing you should already have googled the Ratty Fling...ONLY if the rat has stopped breathing because you could kill your rat if it still is breathing. Desperate measures only. Do not try to perform heimlichs as you could really hurt your rat as well not knowing their anatomy, plus I have never heard of it working.

Choking can be from anything but notorious causes are sticky things like peanut butter and bread. I only feed crusts and toasts to avoid it myself.

Here is a video of a rat choking supplied by a kind woman since I don't have one in my library.

(courtesy of Steph and Elmer (RIP)...old video)

If you rat is choking, you can keep an eye on them at home for around 5-6 hours, after that they should be taken to the vet.

If your rat had some severe choking the night before I often feed soft foods just in case their throat is sore. Most times they are bright-eyed and eating their food in the morning like normal as you look at them in disbelief.
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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