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Hey everyone, I'm new here but I'm a rat lover for well over a year now--and boy are they spoiled :D I never would have imagined that these little guys would make such great pets, honestly.

Anyway, my biggest male (Goober), is a little on the overweight and clumsy side. And, it appears he hurt himself pretty good this time.

I came home yesterday to find him in pain and unable / unwilling to use his hind left leg. I carefully felt around for anything that may be broken in the femur and in the fibula / tibia region, and everything felt good and it didn't seem to bug him when I touched the area. Then I noticed his foot seemed quite swollen, but there is no sign of infection or physical trauma. I'm thinking he may have stubbed his foot really bad crawling out of his hammock, but I'm not positive.

Anyway, the only good Rat Vet i know of in my area is 2.5 hours away and my appointment isn't until Friday. I'm hoping Goober will recover before then, but it doesn't appear probable. So, in the meantime, I'm wondering if any of you out there may be able to give me some advice in regards to treatment in the mean time.

I've got him isolated in a smaller one story cage (there are 4 other rats in the other cage, 3 of which are 4 months old and very hyper, so there was no way I'd leave him in that cage to get trampled on.) and I gave him a nice box and some soft bedding with his own food and water, of course. He still has quite the appetite, and the desire to play, so I'm confident in his "health", but am inexperienced with dealing with an injured rat.

The only sort of "therapy" or special treatment I've been giving him is extra petting time, which he enjoys a lot more than normal now that he's not feeling so good and is living by himself for the time being, and I'm softly massaging the local muscles a little so that any blood in the area that won't move from his lack of activity in that leg will start moving again.

Anyway, my long winded post is over :) Any advice would be greatly appreciated, and I thank you all in advance.
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