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My girl who is just over a year old has been sneezing a lot lately and her breathing is high pitched (like a whistling noise when she breathes) but otherwise, she is acting normal and there are no excessive amounts of porphyrin around her noise or anywhere.

Another one of my rats who is almost 5 months old has recently been given medication for a respiratory infection but the vet didn't say it was that bad they just said it could get worse, but her symptoms were different, like weird loud noises sometimes and lots of porphyrin around her nose.

Does anyone know whether my older girl could be sick? I'm wondering if these are common symptoms directly related to a respiratory infection or if it is just allergies or a reaction to a new scent around. I've come here first instead of the vet because we went there recently and we were given fairly bad service and a large bill so my local vet isn't the best option to go first so I wanted advice first.

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