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Rats and a Split up

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My partner and I have three great rats and we beth care for them a ton!:)
The problem is, We may be moving into separate apartments as we are taking a relationship break. :(
My question is this: would it work to have two cages- one at my place and another at his. We could take turns having the rats for a while, and we could still keep them. we really don't want to have to give them up! Would this stress them out even more, or would they adjust fine? I'm thinking once every 2 weeks, we switch. Is that too frequent or would once a month be better?
I know a dog or a cat would adapt pretty well to this sort of thing, but I dont know about how rats would handle that.
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Well, in my experience they do fine. I take my five boys with me to my mom's every single weekend, and they're just fine! I'm sure it does all depend on your individual rats, though.
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