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Rattie playtime

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Since I don't have a room just for my ratties....(wish i did)....I made a play area in my room. I used the idea from the dapper rat site and cute boxes in half...longways, taped them together, and then attched them to the walls of my room. I only put these up in front of my desk and dresser on one side of my room to block off the dangerous area for my rats.(This is where all the wires, etc . are) I spread out a sheet and put out a bunch of hideouts, toys, treats, clubhouse boxes, etc. for them to play in. They can run under my bed and then run out into the hidouts and find hidden treats. They love evry minute out of their cage so I wanted them to have more room to run around.

My rat Raz-Ma-Taz loves everything I feed him. I wanted to try and give them boiled eggs today and I had cut them in half and was going to break them int smaller pieces when Raz ran up and took a big peice of one and ran under my bed. Then he ran back out and finished one of the halves. He is too cute :)
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I've made a few play pens for my ratties but one place they really love it my jumper pocket. I put them in and walk around and they hang out looking about
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