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Rattouille stuff!

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We finally have the Ratatouille toys and gamesat Rat-Gifts.com!

The talking plushies, the Kitchen Quake game, even the Uno card game.

You can even pre-order the video game, which means you'd get it just before opening day.

That's still waaay too much waiting.
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Ahhhh....one thing that annoyed me was in one of the commercials the fatter rat said "once you muscle your way past the gag reflex..." ARG!

I'm not diagnosed with OCD, but goodness it felt like it when he said that! xD

Otherwise, I am looking forward to taking my younger sister to the movie! :D
I looked at your site, and your Dapper Rat link is wrong, here it is: http://www.dapper.com.au/

Very good site to link to. :D
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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