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my rat Raz-ma-taz has been living alone but i have gotten him a buddy....it stinks that I have to quarantine him for 2-3 weeks though! :)

Raz is white but has a dark brown cap and the new rat is blue with a white belly and some white on his arms....i wonder what marking that is....

The blue rat was sneezing when I first brought him home...i didn't notice it when I picked him or when he was on his way home though...soem have said that when they are under the stress of moving int a new home with new people they sneeze. It has been 3 days and his sneezing seems to be getting better. (knock on wood) I'm watching him but i think it is just the stress.

I will pst pics of both of them as soon as i can....I need to find the cord so i can download pics to my computer.

I am really excited and I'm sure raz will be happy....they both seem to be pretty mellow....But then around 6:00 or 7:00pm they are party animals! :) lol

Raz seems to think something is up but he is not quite sure!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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