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After loosing my hairless boy Yoda on December 5th, 2011. The bad things about rats and all small animals are their short life spans, two years just isn't enough.

On October 14th. I have finally decided to re-enter the rat community. After convicing my mom to allow me to have rats once again, I convinced my mom to call the two PetSmarts closes to us. One had only large males and the other had one black and white female. She asked them to keep the female for us.

Once we got to PetSmart and got all the supplies together, cage, bedding, food, food dish, water bootle, salt lick. We called over an associate to get the little rat out. It was kinda funny because the first one wasn't from the small animal department so she never handled them and the second one was suppose to be from that department but didn't want to grab the rat.

I asked my mom what we should name her and she said the sister from Gladiator (her favorite movie), after an IMDB search we found out that the characters name is Lucilla. So Lucilla it was.

The next day, October 15th, after re-reading up on rats and convicing my mom that rats are better with at least one other rat. She said she would think about letting me get another one.

My mom's boyfriend would be driving my PetCo and said he could stop in and get me one. My mom told him maybe but he took it as a yes! So after a whole day of not knowing for sure, and of her calling PetCo to make sure they were young (Lucilla is about three months old) and female. He sent her a picture of a seal grey hooded rat. He also named her Bella, after a town in Death Valley called Bella Rat.

Bella and Luci have now been together for five days and seem to be getting along great! Bella lets me catch her without much of a fight but Luci won't have any of it! Baby rats are fast!

So that is how I found the missing part of my soul in two little rats named Lucilla and Bella <3
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