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Just because that is the only one that sells in bulk in your area doesn't mean you can't contact the food places themselves, and get it bulk direct from the supplier. In some cases this is even cheaper then buying bulk from pet stores or other places like it...here is some information from ratsrule.com about some other options for feeding your rats.

• Harlan Teklad
PO Box 44220, Madison, WI 53744-4220
Tel 608.277.2070
Fax 608.277.2066
Product - #8604 Rodent Diet (soy-based)
Retail - Available from the RMCA and Rat-Store.com

• L/M Animal Farms
10279 State Route 132, Pleasant Plain, OH 45162
Tel 800.322.5623
Product - Square Meal for rodents
Retail - Available from Ritzy Rats Pet Shop
This is the brand I have had the most luck with, personally.

Other lab blocks available via retail:
• 8-1 Plus Advanced Nutrition Diet for Rats & Mice
I have never tried this brand, so I can't comment.

Hope this helps you out, and that you can tell your parents to maybe get your rats on better food.


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Harlan Teklad is the best lab block around, and can be purchased in bulk extremely cheap.

L/M Animal Farms and other pet store brands need to be steered clear of.
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