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red noses

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I am fairly new to ratkeeping and after reading about Myco, I am worried my rats may have it.

They sometimes sneeze a few times in a row and they have the red mucus on their noses when they wake up in the morning (but not at any other time of day)
I wouldn't say they sneezed a lot but its maybe about 5 times max in a day.

Other than that they are their usual energetic selves, have a good appetite, well natured and are the same weight as usual.
They have always had the red noses so I assumed all rats do and it hasn't got any worse or the sneezing since I got them as rescue rats 6 months ago.

They dont sound like they have any breathing probs and they are kept in a large well ventilated cage with cardboard squares (bed excel) as their cage liner.

Does anyone have any ideas?
Apart from the odd sneeze and red nose, they seem to be the picture of health
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Rats that either came from a pet store or rescue often do have 'sensitive' resp issues throughout their lives. I am not saying they all do but inbreeding and woodshaving/sawdust/tanks all aggravate a rats delicate resp system, I know you do not keep your rats in such conditons but its highly likely where ever the rats where born was like that since well bred rats would be returned to their breeder, not a rescue.

It is also somewhat normal for them to have porphyrin (red staining) on their eyes/noses just after waking, a bit like 'sleep' in other animals. However this should be the tinyest amount and they should clean it up right away.

You sound like you are doing a grand job anyhow, if your still worried or other symptoms develop visit the vets :)
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