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We bought a used scn a while ago, and used the money we saved getting it used to purchase a bass pan! (YAY!) ;D The bass pan appears to be solving my issue of urine getting between the pieces of the cage. (we've had it set up for about two weeks)
It needed a bit of love because there were a few rust spots, so we painted. I found information about paint by searching these forums. (discussions about unsafe ingredients in paint were helpful) For the most part we actually didn't paint the interior of the cage...just the spots where there was a bit of rust. We coated the exterior fully, and then allowed it to "cure" in the garage for quite some time before we rinsed it off and used it.
--anyway, I just thought i'd post this because it looks pretty cute now. We got some matching accessories for the cage and they seem to be enjoying it. (my wood chips are aspen just in case anyone is curious. They are the only thing that seems to work for urine.)
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