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Rehome my pet rat or buy new companions?

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One of my rats has recently died, leaving me with her sister Moon (1 year old). I’m unsure what to do next. My original plan was to add two baby rats to the family, but I don’t know if she would prefer adult company/ an already established group. There are no adult rats available close by. Another conundrum that I’m having is that I’m in student halls and shouldn’t have pets at all (I brought them because I’d bought them previous my mum couldn’t handle them). The chances of anyone finding out are slim but I don’t know if it’s unfair to have rats like this. I let Moon free roam the room all day however. I put her on a pet adopting page to see if anyone would be interested, and a girl has messaged me saying she already has two rats and would like Moon to join the group. I don’t want to give Moon away but I don’t know what would make her the happiest. I also don’t know the girl who wants her and not sure if she could put Moon in harms way. Can anyone impart some advice? Should I get two baby rats or give her up for adoption?
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Hi and welcome, and so sorry for your predicament. Rehoming your single rat is a difficult decision, but sometimes the best one. You should go to this person's home and see her rats, her cage, her set up and how she cares for them. That's really all you can do to determine if they are good care givers. She will gladly welcome you to see how she takes care of her rats. If not, keep looking. Trust me, there are good people out there who will give her a good home, and you can rest easy and relax a bit. School is hard, caring for pets is hard, and you shouldn't be stressed out. Not good for anyone ;)
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