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Down in the lower Florida keys. My cat came in with a present and dropped an almost pinky at my feet unharmed! ( I used to raise rabbits, I certainly didn't want this project) I grabbed him looked for the nest.. no luck, no momma.
So, I named him Remi until I could find a foster mom..no luck there either..I guess he was around 4/5 days old probably kicked out of the nest. So I started brush feeding (coconut milk/evaporated milk/almond milk mix) and pooped /peed him every 3 hrs .no bloat/no issues. As he grew, I slowly incorporated local solids (after his eyes and ears opened) Housed him in a hamster cage. Solids: local banana, coconut, raw chicken with fat/live palmetto (small amounts for protein) bugs/fresh greens/local raw fruit ie, Barbadian cherry/sea grapes ect.. Once he got hair on his tail and his testies started to dragged..(about 6 wks) I transitioned him and his cage outdoors deep into the mangroves (where his kind live) with two escape routes from his cage and after 3 days he did not return.. 2 months have passed.. I thought I would never see.him again.. until today.. walking to my bike, I look up, there sitting on a rock he was! I walked over to him and he disappeared again. What a thrill to see and know he made it! ..big and healthy! I walked deeper into the mangrove to try and see him again.
Out of no where, I felt something hit the back of my shoulder.. It freaked me a bit. I kinda jumped back... it was Remi..!! I forgot his breed are tree climbers..he landed hard on me & jumped off quick (I think I startled him as he did me ) he started to run then suddenly stopped as if to say "hey, follow me" he'd run 5 feet stop, look back at me.. about 50 yards into the thick mangroves ..where he literally showed me the entrance to his new home!.. a huge pile of palm fronds..took off into the hole, next to a giant gumbo limbo tree and popped his head out the top of the pile, I hope he continues to live his little happy life and if I never see him again. That was truly thanks enough, what a gift! Thought I'd share .. a successful save and my wonderful experience knowing all along that unlike domesticated rodents, wild rats should never be kept as pets. Remi, although named and somewhat tame with my handling I was only a food source to him as he was and will always be, wild .
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