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Rescue situation

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While hanging around the pet shop the other day, I fell in love with this one rat. He was a male grey hooded in an extremely overcrowded and barren aquarium. He had the sweetest personality and I playyed with him for well over an hour. One of the clerks saw that I was playying with him for a long time and assumed that I was buyying him, sayying, "Its a good thing you're getting him, otherwise he'd end up snake food." Im under strict orders not to bring home any more animals, so this basicly wrecked me. Ive been back to the store to check on the rat every day since, and have convinced them not to sell him, at least not for food. After searching for someone to take him, I finally found a friend who gladly agreed. Im going to buy him, his cage, and his food, but he is going to live at my friends house. There are a lot of rats there that will end up as "snake food," but its a little personal victory to me to save that one. One problem I have is that I can not afford a cage. I have the old makeshift one that I used for my rats before I got their cage, which I will give my friend till I can buy her a real one, but its not very good at all, and lacks good ventilation. I dont know if she'll agree to getting him a companion, either, but at least he wont die.
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I know it seems like a good deed, but it really isn't. By purchasing him, you're aiding both the store and the shoddy breeder. Along with that, you're just opening up a space for 2-3 more rats to fill.

If you really want to rescue, go to your local Humane Society/shelter, or look aroung for local rat rescues. That's real rescuing; the adoption fee goes right back into helping more homeless, injured, and otherwise bad-off animals.

Along with that, it doesn't seem you're at all ready for this rat. He needs a proper cage, not a makeshift one :( Along with that, you need to do a VERY strict quarantine since he's from a pet store. Do you know about SDA and Sendai? Rats NEED companions. They cannot live alone. It's not a simple option; if you can't house him with another rat, you cannot have him. Honestly, I don't see how taking him out of a bad situation and putting him in another bad situation will do him any good. Your friend sounds extremely uneducated about rats and what they need.

If you cannot afford a simple cage, how are you going to afford any vet care? Especially emergency vet care if it comes up.

If you're not strong enough to go into a pet store and completely avoid the animals being sold, then you need to not go into them. You may be "saving" one rat, but you're dooming many, MANY more and are also showing both the store, and the breeder, that rats are in demand and they need to be bred more.

Bad, bad idea. Please don't purchase pet store animals.
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