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Rescued a Rattie and went shopping!

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So, i was online this morning on craigslist and a lady in my area posted a female dumbo rat that she wanted to rehome or she was going to take it to the local pet store>.< so i emailed her about the rattie and we set up a time to meet. When i got there, the poor girl was in a tiny hampster cage with GERBAL food! i wanted to cry. so i took her home with me, how couldnt i with her sweet face

she is on my desk right now eating a cracker. I cant beleive how social she is concitering she hasnt been held in almost 4-5months. she turned 1yr old 4/03/07 - she is in quarenteen right now, spending lots of time with mom.

Only ptoblem is, the lady went to petco to get her a friend, asked the clerk for a female rat, when she got home and put the rat into the cage with willow, it wasnt untell 3 days later she relized it was a boy!! >.< so, its a possability we may have babies. -sigh- poor willow. Im not sure what happened to the boy rat, she just said it was gone.

On a good note, I ordered my FN from petsmart last saterday, so it should be here soon. So, i decided i wanted to get some decorations for it -new ones- i found some cool hanging baskets and little tiny baskets for my little babies i have right now. also got some awesome new fabric to make hamicks. also got some very cute strawberry shortcake bowls for feeding there fruits and veggies in! i also bought this REALLY cute wooden doll house thing that im going to make into shelf beds for in the FN.

On another note: Tomorrow i am going to be picking up 3 females from a lady about 2hrs away who cant keep them anymore. she got them about 2 months ago from a lady who was moving to florida and couldnt take them. they have been living in pine >.< with very little contact and are all about 1yr olds. so, wish me luck for tomorrow!
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good luck!!! she is a cutie!!! your a great person for helping all these little ones. Are you keeping all of them?
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