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Rescued baby rat possibly pregnant. Help?

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I rescued some little baby ratties recently, picked them up from an off situation, feeder rescue essentially, I’ve done it before with my last two boys. But I ended up with girls this time! Smell is a lot better with ladies I’ll be honest, and I just miss having girls. Well, I was pretty confident that I didn’t see any boys in with the ladies, but I honestly couldn’t tell you their exact situation with this. One of my ladies has an odd curve to her tummy that sent a bit of anxiety into my system. She’s a very active, very playful little girl, she looks to be about 5/6 weeks old honestly they didn’t really specify even when I asked, same as her cage mates, but she’s just got that one feature that one of my girls definitely doesn’t have and the other who doesn’t seem like she has it.

She’s got a top and frontal belly protrusion that is just around her her lower midsection right near her hips. It’s not super noticeable but just enough that it made me nervous, obviously not visible to me when I rescued them. Could be funny baby weight, but I don’t want to risk not knowing.

She eats about as often as the other girls do I think, I’m not with her 100% of the day so I really can’t tell.

I’ll post some pictures for reference to what she’s looking like. I’ll do the weighing method as suggested in many other posts...

I know I should always be prepared in case something like this could happen but I really wasn’t expecting to have to worry about this and I’ve had a lot on my plate recently that led me to neglect a few thoughts. Any advice would be appreciated and I will update regularly.

Thank you and pray that I’m just being over dramatic. 🥲🥲

(They are in a one story cage very temporarily as they get used to their surroundings, I didn’t plan to keep them in there for long at all, promise)
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Shes not pregs, because you posted the tread 28d ago. The gestation period is 21-23 days! You can chill :)
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