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Rescued two rats today....

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I really wasn't prepared for it, but someone on craigslist was looking to get rid of two boys (brother) or else they were going to be taken to the pet store this week (and probably become snakefood)

I don't know why they were getting rid of them - they are SO sweet and SO tame! They came to me in this disgusting tank though, that I quickly cleaned out while they just hung out on my shoulders and watched - didn't hyper up and try to dive onto the bed like my others do.

So I've gone from two rats to six in less than two weeks. But these two new boys are seperated, Curly is still by himself (though I put their tanks next to eachother so they can start getting used to eachothers' smells) and then the girls are in the big cage.

I need to build a new big cage soon!
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When at all possible, quarantine is a good idea. It is dangerous even going into a petstore and returning home soon after, but even more so when you bring new pets into your home. Putting them in different rooms won't stop any disease or contagious sicknesses your two new boys have, from going to your girls. It must be an entirely different air space- for exmaple a building that isn't attached to your house or at least doesn't have an entrance to it from your house, but outside.

There are several infectious diseases that can transfer without quarantine, including SDA, which is often deadly when not caught in time.

Good luck with these boys, I'm glad they are social and people friendly. I'm sure they are happy to be somewhere where they'll be treated properly.
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