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Dollar Days has a monthly giveaway- sometimes merchandise credit, sometimes it is specifically for animal rescues (stay tuned for next month's as it is specifically for rescues in Oct!). This month there is a fleece blanket giveaway to shelters- either human or animal. The more people who nominate a rescue, the better the chances of the rescue winning something! *DO NOT HAVE TO BE 501(c)(3)!*

Plus, now is the time to start calling your local Barnes & Noble about holiday gift-wrapping schedules! Anyone who is near one of these stores can do it- you don't have to be where the rescue is located. During the winter holidays, the stores allow groups to come in and gift-wrap in exchange for being able to collect donations. The store provides everything to wrap, you provide the manpower. Rules vary from store-to-store, so please contact your store directly. (Not sure about 501(c)(3) status here- check with your local stores if you do not have it, as rules are different in each store.)
(Tip: you may want to avoid stores in college or business areas as you are looking for places where people are buying gifts, especially closer to Christmas when the last thing someone wants to do is go home and wrap!)

Rescues, we are doing the best we can to list grants and fundraisers that can help you, and even categorizing them by which requires 501(c)(3) and which are for rescues outside of the US. Please let us know if you find others that can help or if you apply for something and are told that you don't meet the requirements so we can update this list.
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