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It has come to our attention that, at times, a rescue may be struggling to get help in something like a hoarding case. They say they've reached out everywhere, but then another rescue finds out about this much later- and never heard anything when help was needed. I'm actually not surprised- I post on 11 rat Yahoo groups, 5 rat Meetup groups, and 3 rat forums, in addition to our FB page, and I've still had people tell me that they are very much up on what's going on in the rat community, but they never saw my post.

So, we were wondering if we could do anything to help. Could we have some sort of go-to place for information for the rescues? Is there somewhere where all the rescues would have at least one active member?

It appears that most rescues have an FB page. Would that be the best thing for us to do, to create a rescue- only page? Not to bash anyone who doesn't rescue, mind you- just to post where you are, what is happening, and what kind of help you need (however, if you do know that the person MUST get rid of their huge amount of rats for the 5th time IMMEDIATELY, that would be something to note).

Would it be better to create a forum? Or a Yahoo group? Or have a blog on our page?

I need to know where rescues would most likely have at least one active member that would be willing to stay in the group and stay on top of things going on in rat rescue all over the country. Or world- perhaps we could have several different groups/forums?

Does this sound like a way we can help you?
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