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Rest In Peace Bobby 2012-2015

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Bobby passed away yesterday in my arms. It was a very peaceful passing, he simply fell asleep and when he was ready he left us.

Bobby was a character right from the start, always climbing and escaping to places he couldn't be, I think it was this will power that enabled him to live to the grand old age of three! He never suffered a myco flare up or got any tumours but his body couldn't keep up with him and he developed HLD in the last six months of his life. He still got around fine at first, and when things got worse towards the end, we spent a lot of time together. I'd syringe feed him baby food which he's readily accept, and wash him with baby wipes since he struggled to groom himself and he'd always fall asleep with his head resting against my chest. That's the way he left me, in his favorite position.

It's hard to believe he's gone, he's been such a constant in my life, part of the ever growing and changing mischief for three whole years. But for this very reason i've felt at peace with his passing in a way i've never experienced with losing any other rat. He stuck with me for so long, and though i'll miss the sound of his bruxing and his boggly eyes, i know he lived a long, happy life.
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I'm sorry for your loss. :'( He lived to be old and you were lucky you had him.
Thankyou, I was lucky to have him and atleast i have lots of photos a videos of him x
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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