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My new job is working for a company that does pet and pest control. We sell all kinds of things, but I was looking at the prices of their rabbit cages today and put the info into the cage calculator. They are really cool cages, they have a bottom floor that can be shifted up into a position where it then has a second floor and a ramp, so it's a good cage, except for the larger bar spacing. It would fit 5 rats in this cage, and for the retail price it's $80, but it's a kit that includes a water bottle, a cage cup, and a plastic dropping pan. However the actual cost is $40. If only they sold to small businesses...but you have to have a minimum order of $1,250 to even be looked at by these guys!

Just some interesting info for you all about cages and the retail pricing. Oh, and the cages are powder coated, and the droppuing pans are slide in and out, and they are plastic.

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